Slotomania Cheats and Hacks

Slotomania – what it is? Slotomania is well known game in casino. It has different names as a British Fruit Machine, Poker Machine in Australia or Automat in USA. To play slotomania in casino you need coins. Here we use virtual currency – dollar coins. Device has a money detectors which check if the money is real or not. The rules are simple – if you will get three the same images you win. Each pair of 3 images are worth differently. Currently, the Slotomania machines are the most popular casino games which brings 70% profit for the casino.

Why people use slotomania cheats or slotomania hack ?

slotomania cheats and hacksWith the current technology we are able to fake the data and make our game easier. With more virtual currency you are able to overtake your friends in weekly contest and win extra cash. Sound like a super fun? Yes – it is fun. There is no programming knowledge needed to launch your slotomania cheats. offer you the biggest pack of the cheats available. We are working daily on providing cheats for web browser games. Please remember also that we take care about your facebook account and your PC safeness. Group of programmers developed the game in way that we don’t need to take any data from you. Program simply take the data from Flash Game and import back the new account balance. Easy?

Can someone notice that I’m using your tool in my account? Can my  hack can be detected?

No. There is no such  option. Once you start your hack software you will be able to choose a proxy server from all over the world. You can choose Asia servers, UK servers, USA server or even Russian proxy servers. The program is developed by a Steven Perez – well known flash game developer from Spain. Once you will extract all your files – the program would not ask you to provide ANY passwords to your PC or Facebook account.You can download and use this hack 24/7.

What more you can expect from us in 2016?

In 2016 our team designed the whole new source code of our tool. Now it is much more faster, works on almost all operating systems is 100% free of bugs. Thanks to all supporters, testers and users who help us to develop it. Our team of programmers now reached four people from all over the world. We are working everyday to bring you the best cheat tool available on-line!


Note: Please note that we are developing the cheats and hacks all the time. Feel free to e-mail us your suggestions or request at : support(at)slotomaniacheat(dot)net. We will provide help and answer your all questions as soon as possible.