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How to Get free slotomania coins online!

Free Slotomania CoinsPeople always want to get free coins and this is obvious and natural. We do not want to pay money online or offline. We want to get free spins in our game machine. Free coins or free spins can be turned into extra cash which can be used as a investment or we can cash out and enjoy the winning.

In we believe that people should be able to get extra spins. Something extra always keep players happy and when player are happy – the owner of the ‘machine’ is also in good mood. That’s is why we invented our slotomania free coins generator. It is completely free and easy to use for everyone. We do not limit our users to gender, age or country. If you are from China, Australia, US or Russia – you are free to use our software. We are not going to have big profits – we believe that people should get free things online. That is why we offer you FREE OF CHARGE slotomania hacks.

If you would like to get more information, check out cool screenshots or check what other users think about of product please go to our download section which you can find on the left side of the website ( the buttons ).

How to get free slotomania chips ?free coins for slotomania

This question is asked by almost every slotomania user. Not every facebook user can afford to pay real money for things which should be freebies. This is why we spend time and invested our resources to create slotomania hack which will allow you to generate any amount of slotomania gold coins without any risk.

Why I need coins in slotomania?

The answer is really simple. Like in any gambling game you need coins to spin the machine. In casinos use use 0.50 / 0.20 – in slotomania it is almost the same situation – here you use virtual coins ( which you can buy online ). Each coin gives you chance to win more money online. There is also risk of loose so you should use your coins wisely.

How can I get this coin generator?

It is really easy – check our website for hack/cheats for slotomania, install it and enjoy unlimited coins in your account. Please remember that we are trying our best to have our software up-to-date with facebook/flash  and other factors so always check for latest version online!

Why it is better to generate coins than using hacks

When you download software from internet you always have to think about security. Not all apps are safe to download and install. This is why we came up with free online generator which allows you to log in and generate coins without any downloads! You just have to enter your username, wait up to 30 seconds and all coins will be added directly to your slotomania account. Isn’t that cool and easy?


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Tauren Yande

Here is a suggestion, because it is so hard to get any decent wins, or the white wedge, or the x50 on the lotto bonus, I think, Lucy you should put up the white wedge ever second time you collect, that way People might have some chance to have free coins to play with, and a very slim chance also to get the white wedge, it is a myth, that white wedge, hardly see it.


Admin I am still waiting for an answer’ on why I can’t break my piggy and get the extra 20% that would give me an extra 33,000.000 right now I have over 1,600.000. coins in my Piggy can you help I sent a message to support but they are not getting back to me, this is a 1 day thing and I need to these coins.


Frustrated !!!!!. Haven’t been able to play the game for over a week. After losing 500 million coins, Can’t collect bonuses from the game nor Facebook. Couldn’t play the quest either. Losing coins everyday i don’t play. I Uninstalled it twice, the first time it took all day to download. The second time i left it alone for a few days. It download fast today. Still having problem with it. Either it turn off on its own. Or ill say connection lost.

So I see I’m not the only one who had their coins took back after getting a card completed. I had 750 million took from me and they won’t credit me anything I’m sick of them stealing from me. I don’t mind paying to play however,I don’t like being stole from and then the owners of the game gaffing it off making excuses.

How can I get this free spins??

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