Slotomania Games Types

In slotomania we can find a few different types of games. We will try to give you the most popular games types :

  1. Slotomania lucky slots – in this games it is all about the luck. If you will get more lucky shots than missed ones then you will get extra reward for your game. The game is available in slotomania game panel or online in facebook.
  2. Slotomania double casino. Here you can feel like in a real casino. You can buy drinks, snacks or gifts for other players. It is a casino simulation created for you by slotomania owners.
  3. Ceasar casino game – This is VIP slotomania game created for most demanding casino players online. You can have the most luxurious games – all this is free. The only thing you have to get is VIP invitation from other player online. Feel free to ask your friends – you never know who is playing slots right now!
  4. DoubleDown Slotomania Game. This game is invented for players who like the risk. If you do not play – you do not win. This principal is very old and still in use by casino players. You have to spin the machine and once you will win – you can double your reward by x2/x4/x6 or even x10. As you can see you can get rich in no time – it is all about your luck and skills!
  5. House of slotomania. This game was invented for kids. You can’t win there a real money but instead you can get funny gifts to post on your facebook wall or get gifts for your slotomania profile! Feel free to spend fun time with your kids while playing slots!

As you can see there are numerious games online. The company was trying to create game types for everyone.

If you have your favorite slots machine game – contact us and we will add it to list!

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